Program for the preparation of the able researcher in molecular biology

Program for the preparation of the able researcher in molecular biology
From 15 September to 14 September 2022
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The Molecular Biology Researcher Development Program is designed to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to fill the jobs created in 21st-century biology that are in line with the Vision of 2030. Our distinguished experts and trainers at the Center are fully involved in training and supervising advanced research on topics ranging from biomolecules to genome study.

  • Learn important basic information about the genome and the importance of studying molecular biology.
  • Practical laboratory research experience based on the refinement of practical skills.
  • To allow the trainee to unleash his ambitions through experience and practicality.
  • Enable trainees to find a practical and scientific skills to fill highly skilled jobs.

  • The diversity of training programs and workshops provides a strong foundation in molecular biology.
  • The presence of distinguished researchers and scientists in molecular biology, an opportunity for trainees to obtain consultations that support and develop their practical skills, to find their functional opportunity in the fields specialized in genomics and biogenesis (NEOM, Saudi Genome Project, Specialized Medical Centers) which requires high skill.
  • The center's environment is a collective and interactive environment that makes it easier for molecular biologists to follow multiple interests in different and most important disciplines such as the human genome.

  •  Safety course and professional quality in safe laboratories 2nd / 3rd  class
  • DNA extraction cycle, molecular polymerization, second-generation genetic tracking
  • The course of treatment, development and trial of cancerous living cells and control of their growth
  • The cycle of preparation and dyeing of diagnostic cell tissue segments for cancerous tumors.